Exploring Chiang Rai – The Golden Triangle and The Chiang Sean Temple

Join us as we explore the history and culture of Chiang Rai. Thailands most northern city. On our way to the Golden Triangle we discover the infamous lost buddha image. Take a look at Burma and Laos from the Golden Triangle. A look into Chiang Seans community and traditions. Its Thailand’s untouched beauty.. Hosted by Joel Marrocco

Chiang Rai is a travelers paradise endowed with abundant natural tourist attractions and antiquities; the province itself is evidence of past civilization. Attractions range from magnificent mountain scenery, ruins of ancient settlements, historic sites, Buddhist shrines and ethnic villages as the province is also home to several hill tribes who maintain fascinating lifestyles. For those interested in the natural side of Chiang Rai, jungle trekking is recommended along various trails.

Chiang Rai which tends to be a little more ’laid back’ now competes with Chiang Mai as a tourist attraction and is fast becoming a popular escape for tourists wanting to get away from the troubles they left behind.