Chai Nam Restaurant Chiang Rai


Chai Nam Restaurant on the Kok River just north of Town is by far the best hidden secret of Chiangrai. Well known to the local and Bangkok Thai


Chai Nam has a modest wine list; the rather extensive menu offers Traditional Thai food and some Western European food. The old rule of thumb that says when the menu is large the food is probably ordinary does not apply here. The international food is well done and the Thai selections are superb.

We ordered various Thai Dishes starting with asparagus and shrimp,then came the seaweed soup, fried Tab Tim fish with lemon grass,stir fried morning glory,glass noodle salad,pork in lime sauce and fried pork ribs. It was all outstanding. We had a wide variety of Thai dishes and none were disappointing. As much as we had we all decided to have another go at the fried pork ribs. I think mostly because we enjoyed ourselves so much we didn’t want to leave

They have very friendly serving staff that makes your experience a memorable one. A wide range of beverages, Live music and great food in a friendly ambiance at very reasonable prices truly makes ” Chia Nam ” the place to enjoy.

The street parking is adequate.

Thom Wongsam – Chiang Rai Times